About ALC

We are a full-service licensing and brand development agency based in Dubai with a 20 year pedigree of servicing the Middle East and North Africa.
We were one of the first companies to introduce licensing to the Middle East and have been at the forefront of the region’s development ever since. We work with a range of clients, using strategic licensing as an instrument to create compelling and high quality products, lucrative new revenue streams and increased consumer interaction, thus ultimately enhancing the awareness and equity of SPACETOON own brand’s along with any brand presented on SPACETOON TV screen


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Why ALC?

Further to local market insights, our solid relationships with local manufacturers, distributors and retailers across our territories contribute to the delivery of unrivalled licensing programs for brand owners.

ALC MENA Licensing Strategy

Marketing & PR

We have an in-house dedicated marketing team to help support both licensor and licensee both on the ground and at retail


We have a committed retail person who communicates and meets regularly with retailers both alone and with licensees to present brands and share regular updates

Strategic Partnerships

Work with a list of strategic partners for both promotional mechanics or alliance opportunities

Sales & Licensing

Devoted licensing sales team who meet and discuss regularly with licensees globally and locally as well as local distributors